Patient Care Coordinator

Full time
Tucson, AZ
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description
Follow-Up Department

  • Answer all incoming and transferred calls to the follow-up department
  • Work off new list assigned to you for all follow-up patients
  • Look up patient, Review report of what is being recommended
  • Request priors if indicated or have not been requested/or per patient request.
  • Call the patient make aware of additional imaging needed and make aware that priors have been requested so a comparison can be made to the exam.
  • If the patient would like to wait for a comparison of the exam with priors, make a detailed note in patient’s chart. If the patient would like to move forward with followup care and is okay without having a comparison made, make sure this is noted in chart and schedule appointment.
  • Advise patient she will be receiving notification letters from Assured Imaging regarding followup until follow-up care is completed.
  • Recall letter goes out 10 days after the exam is completed
  • Once priors are obtained and comparison is the complete addended report will be faxed to PCP and a second recall letter will be sent out to the patient
  • Continue to call the patient to schedule if follow up is still needed after comparison and/or If no priors ask patient if they would like to schedule for follow up
  • When scheduling a patient for followup care always make sure insurance information is still the same if different enter new insurance information. Make sure to obtain prior authorization from insurance if required to be seen (We have a list of insurances that will state if prior auth is needed)
  • Request orders needed for exams from PCP and scan received order into the patient’s chart, if not in standing orders folder.
  • If unable to obtain orders for a followup appointment you will have to call the patient and reschedule the appointment.
  • File scheduled patient’s paperwork in folders in the scheduling department.
  • If the patient decides they want to go elsewhere get information as to where they will be going and make a detailed note in the chart.
  • Transfer the patient to the medical records department so records can be sent to the facility where the patient will be seen. The patient may also request records be sent to their home address if they are unsure of the location where they will be seen.
  • Give adequate time for the patient to be seen for followup at outside facilities then request all reports from facilities regarding follow up so the report can be faxed to AIWW and scanned into patient medical chart/ Call facilities if no response regarding patient’s follow-up to confirm the patient was or was not seen at their facility.
  • Scan all reports or documentation regarding follow up into patient’s chart
  • Make detailed notes in the patient’s chart if not seen at an outside facility
  • If patient/outside facility have been unresponsive when trying to obtain any followup information fax manual letter requesting follow-up information to PCP (2-3 times) to try to obtain any followup care information where the patient may have been seen and to also verify if the patient may have not completed follow-up care
  • If no response from request faxed to PCP call office of PCP to get information for patients follow-up care.

**This position is a bilingual position.**

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